Writing Tips

Carving Out Time To Write

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By Marc W. Polite

Making time to write is definitely a challenge to people. We have busy lives, families, and full-time jobs that demand so much of our energy. In this post, I share 4 tips for those out there who struggle to find time to write.

1. Choose A Writing Space- Could be a library. Could be a coffee shop. It could also be a small corner in your living room.

2. Write During Your Commute. – while you may not be able to pull out a full pen and pad on the subway, you can jot down notes on your phone to flesh out later. Believe it or not,  it’s possible to come up with fairly good ideas instead of just staring up at subway ads.

3. You Don’t Have to Write it All At Once- Don’t feel compelled to write a complete project from start to finish in one sitting. No need to write 1000 words at once- your schedule may not permit this. You can break it down in three or four sessions.

4. Lock In Your Writing Time- Protect It.

Even if it’s only an hour. As busy adults, not everyone has 3 to 4 hour blocks of time to commit to writing. What you do establish as your writing time, protect it. That means no timeline scrolling or any thing like that. It will only distract you.

These are some starter tips. Hopefully, you find them helpful. That’s it for this post. Take care, and enjoy the rest of your day.